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Introducing Avinash Anil


About Me

The Story

I’m freelance UX designer based in Toronto, Ontario. I have a passion for creating user experiences that are seamless and impactful.

In my past life, I worked as a freelance photographer. My interest in UX design was fuelled by a life long desire to understand and connect with people from different backgrounds. Through user-centric design, I am able to do just that.

Understanding the human experience is essential for creating useful and essential products. I enjoying using my skills set to empower people to accomplish their goals. I create digital experience that make life easier.


My Projects


Home & Away

Home & Away, is a mobile application for on-demand delivery of groceries, specifically for immigrants to locate and purchase grocery products that they used to get in their home country from a foreign country.
A B2C business model for aiding the immigrants to become self-reliant. The application will ease the struggle of the immigrants in finding groceries and other essential products in a foreign country during their residency.



Fit Finder

Fitin is an inclusive online fitness community providing access to the best fitness programs that actively considers bodies of all size, shape, and color. A SaaS platform that encourages Fitness entrepreneurs who want to be a part of the fitness culture. One of their specialty is that they accommodate people who have special needs and people who are differently-abled.
Fit finder is an interactive element that will help the users to find the apt fitness program for them at their convenience.


"I strive for two things in design: simplicity and clarity"

Avinash Anil


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